The Key To Writing SEO-Friendly Headlines That Drive Clicks

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A headline is the first thing people will notice about your posts. Your posts must capture your audience’s attention with a headline that generates interest and invokes curiosity so they are compelled to read what you have written. This combination sounds fantastic but can be difficult to implement in real life. You can specify these as guidelines to the content writing services or content writers you engage and have them create great headlines for you. So here are some tips that can help you generate headlines that are SEO-friendly and drive traffic.


Focus On Numbers


Numbers are everyone’s favorite so why not whip up a title with it? You can add a percentage to make your title more appealing to your audience. Or you can add a big number such as $1 million. Big numbers generate fascination and they are a great hook to get your audience to read your content. Of course, don’t randomly make claims! You want the number to mean something.




You should add the keyword in your headline to make it SEO-friendly. As a rule of thumb, try to add it at the beginning of the title while ensuring the entire headline makes sense. Google wants to make sure it displays content that has the searched keyword in the headline because it means the content is about the keyword.


Use ‘This Is Why’


People always want to know why something has happened which is why using ‘this is why’ in a headline makes sense. You can either use it at the beginning of your headline or you can use it at the end of your headline. For example, making a declaration followed by this is why is quite effective in terms of SEO and generating interest.




Questions make good headlines provided they ask a question that many of your audience have in their minds. Plus, questions are specific so people know exactly what your content is going to be about. An example is, ‘What is stopping you from starting your website? 17 ways to create your stunning website’.


Use Particular Words


No one wants to even consider reading an epic post if the title is boring. To generate their interest you can use certain words that will catch your audience’s attention. For example, words such as amazing and shocking are two words that will make people want to read your content. But make sure you only use this in the headline if your content is all about something amazing or shocking.




Adding a teaser to your headline is a surefire way of ensuring people read up to that point. For example, a headline with a teaser will sound something like ’13 tips to write better content (you won’t believe #11). But the key is to mean what you write in the headline. If it isn’t unbelievable then people aren’t going to believe your headlines from next time onwards.




Lists are a great way to entice people because there is a specific number attached to it. The key is to make the most of the title by adding something extra so people are willing to read the content. For example, if you simply write ‘7 ways to’ compared to ‘7 proven ways to’ you can see how much difference a single word makes. If you have a percentage then you can add it to the title.


Use ‘Will Make You’


Having ‘will make you’ in your headline is a fantastic idea. You can have a keyword in the first part of your headline followed by ‘will make you’. For example, ’Don’t miss these 15 brilliant SEO hacks that will make you richer’. This title is not only attention-grabbing but it appeals to people who want to make more money.


Call To Action


You can add a call to action in your headline to make it more intriguing. For example, ‘Discover content promotion secrets’ and ‘Understand how to promote your content’ are simple titles that make people like they will gain knowledge from reading your article. You can make the headline more powerful by using other headline tips such as using a number or adding particular words.


Study Ads


You might think taking inspiration isn’t worth it because old ads are just that, old. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Older ads have some pretty solid titles that can give you ideas to write your headline in the best way possible. You want to just form the title in such a way that it appeals to today’s consumers.


Make Controversial Claim


Controversy can lure people and if you think that you can make a controversial claim then make sure your headline has the statement. You want to do this with caution though because you don’t want to just make the headline controversial. You should make a claim that you feel strongly about with evidence so people wake up and take notice.


You might need to do some brainstorming to get the perfect title and you might have to come up with a few before you zero in on one title. Remember, the headline should match your content and your content should be amazing. Don’t rush it. Your headline is going to be the point of attraction that will pull your audience in and your content is what will make them stay. Make it worth their while.

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